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Process 1

The consultation

Ask us about the services you need, we will be happy to advise you.

Process 2

The design

We specialize in custom pool design that fits your needs and exceeds your expectations.

Process 3

Permits and engineering

We will help you with the permits to be able to work in the place of your dreams and fulfill all your needs.

Process 4


Our excavation service offers professional and specialized solutions for all types of projects requiring earthworks and excavations.

Process 5

Reinforcing bars

Steel reinforcing bars for use in the construction and reinforcement of reinforced concrete structures. These bars, also known as reinforcing bars or steel reinforcing bars, are used to strengthen and increase the strength of concrete structures.

Process 6

The plumbing

These services are essential to ensure proper functioning of the plumbing infrastructure and to solve problems related to leaks, blockages and other malfunctions.

Process 7

The inspection

The evaluation and analysis of the conditions and characteristics of a specific piece of land prior to carrying out any type of construction, development or project on it.

Process 8

The gunite

High-velocity concrete application using a spray gun. Gunite is composed of a mixture of cement, aggregates and water, and is applied in the form of pressurized jets to a surface to form a layer of concrete.

Process 9

The tile

We upholster all around the building for greater user safety.

Process 10

The concrete

Construction of a swimming pool using concrete as the main material. This type of service involves the planning, design, excavation and construction of the pool according to the client’s needs and preferences.

Process 11

Pool equipment

The installation, maintenance and repair of the different components and accessories necessary for the proper operation of a swimming pool.

Process 12

The electricity

The installation, maintenance and repair of electrical components necessary for the safe and efficient operation of a swimming pool.

Process 13

The cleanliness

Pool cleaning refers to the regular maintenance and deep cleaning of a pool to keep it in optimal hygienic and aesthetic conditions. This type of service is provided by professional pool cleaners or companies specialized in pool maintenance.

Process 14

The final inspection

Experience in assessing the feasibility and safety of land for different types of projects.

Process 15


A plaster coating applied to the interior of a swimming pool to provide a smooth, water-resistant surface. The plaster used in this case is known as pool plaster or pool plaster, and is specially formulated to resist constant exposure to water and chemicals used in pool maintenance.

Process 16

End with the start-up

Your pool is ready, it’s time to enjoy it